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A Better Way To Get Recruiting Done

Attention Athletic Directors and Head Coaches

The College Transfer Portal is down a staggering 30%, and your athletes are feeling the impact
It's becoming increasingly difficult for athletes to secure scholarships and opportunities at the college level but the good news is that there is a solution. Our program provides a comprehensive plan to help your athletes navigate this challenging time, and we are committed to helping them succeed. With our assistance, your athletes will have access to a range of resources and strategies to help them stand out to college recruiters and secure the scholarships they deserve. Don't let your athletes miss out on their chance to shine!


Super Enterprise Fully Managed Custom Service Package

Educational Guidance 

  • A-G Transcript Review
  • Review/Select College of choice Majors/Minors available
  • College acceptance Guidance
  • Educational Pathway Review
  • Concurrent enrollment for college credits
  • AP/ Honor Class review
  • Review Core GPA
  • FASFA Prep
  • Scholarship Essay Grant Prep 


Social Media & Content Marketing

  • Create Social Media Platform ( Twitter /Instagram )
  • Create, train and Post social media content
  • Community Outreach Photo/Video (2 events per semester)
  • Create/Manage Digital Player profile
  • Create/Manage  RepMax Player Recruitment Card 
  • Create/Manage Player Digital Contact Card
  • Player QR Code
  • Player personal URL

Media & Interview Training 

  • Video Media Training
  • Interview Prep
  • Create "30 sec Elevator pitch"
  • Instructional Interview role play ( 3 session per semester)
  • Recorded interview sessions
  • Mock Media Events (1 per semester)
  • College visit preparation            (researching Team and coaches)
  • Conductng interviews with coaches in person and Virtually

Physical Evaluations

  • Strength & Conditioning evaluation with Trainer Chris & Omar - Empire Training Ground
  • Speed and Agility evaluation with Coach/Trainer: Coach Hawkins
  • Recommendation for Student athlete Speed, Strength and Conditioning plan

Educational Guidance

Our comprehensive Educational Guidance solution is designed to provide high school athletes with the resources and support they need to successfully navigate the college admissions process. Our team of experts .s dedicated to helping your athletes make informed decisions about their college choices, reviewing their transcripts, and guiding them through FAFSA preparation.

We provide concurrent enrollment opportunities for college credits and offer review and selection of college majors/minors available. We also conduct core GPA and AP/Honor class reviews to identify strengths and opportunities.

With our assistance, your athletes will be well-prepared for college life and have access to the tools they need to secure scholarships and opportunities. Don't let your athletes miss out on the college opportunities they deserve.

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Educational Guidance!

Social Media & Content Marketing
Our Social Media & Blog Content Marketing solution is designed to help high school athletic programs effectively communicate with college recruiters in one central location.

With our team of social media experts, we create and manage digital player profiles, RepMax Player Recruitment Cards, and Player Digital Contact Cards, complete with a personal QRcode and URL for easy sharing. We also create and train athletes to post high-quality social media content and develop community outreach strategies, including photo and video coverage of 2 events per semester.

Additionally, we create a comprehensive content marketing strategy, featuring blog posts and articles to highlight your athletes' achievements, share their stories, and promote their success. With our assistance, your athletes will stand out to college recruiters and secure the opportunities they deserve. Don't let your athletes' success go unnoticed

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Media & Interview Training
Our Media & Interview Training solution is designed to help high school athletes prepare for the media and recruiting events that are critical to their success.

Our team of media and interview experts offer video media training, interview prep, and help athletes create a 30-second elevator pitch to effectively communicate their strengths and goals to college recruiters. We also offer instructional interview role-play and recorded interview sessions to help athletes develop confidence and polish their communication skills.

We also conduct mock media events, college visit preparation, and coach interviews to give athletes a comprehensive understanding of the recruiting process. With our assistance, your athletes will be well-prepared to make a positive and lasting impression on college recruiters. Don't let your athletes miss out on the opportunities they deserve!  

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Media & Interview Training!

Physical Evaluations 
Our Physical Evaluations & Personal Training solution is designed to help high school athletes maximize their athletic potential and achieve peak physical condition.

Our team of certified trainers and coaches offer strength and conditioning evaluations, speed and agility evaluations, and personalized training plans to help athletes improve their performance and meet their fitness goals. We'll recommend specific speed, strength, and conditioning plans to help your athletes excel in their sport, and work with them to develop a training routine that fits their schedule and lifestyle.

Our expert trainers will monitor your athletes' progress and make adjustments as needed to help them achieve their goals. With our assistance, your athletes will be better prepared to compete at the collegiate level and beyond. Don't let your athletes miss out on the chance to achieve their full potential.
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